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ERMIR Products

Quality First

Ermir has many years of experience in the production of welded wire mesh. By producing high quality welded wire mesh, Ermir Shpk has differentiated itself in the Albanian market.

Zgara Hekuri

Ermir produces a wide range of welded wire mesh. The welded wire mesh are produced from cold-drawn transverse and longitudinal welded wires of SAE 1010 standard iron. The diameter of the wires ranges from Ø3.5  to Ø8 mm in dimensions  1.8 × 4.8m  or  2.15 × 6.00m.  Other products with other dimensions can be produced on request.


Building Materials

A large variety of construction materials can be found at our warehouses. Some of the products are mentioned below:

  • Iron


  • Wire Mesh


  • Gravel

  • Bricks

  • Shingels

  • Etc ...

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